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Successful Cases       Background Description

Company A might delay the delivery

Company A is an excellent vendor. One time, the sailing date delays nearly one week because of instable marine climate when company A purchases goods. Moreover, in import custom, it hits the C3 custom examination from the examination mechanism of the custom. Because of the delivery date problem with respect to customer, company A is very worrying.

Apply for examination exempt

With our experience in custom declaration, because company A is an excellent vendor, it may apply for examination exempt for this report form application according to clause 11 of the Custom Import and Export Examination Criteria.

Some custom brokers can only reflect the real situation to and calm down customers, and commits that they will apply for custom examination to the custom and do their best to shorten to estimated time after custom examination. However, in reality, these procedures are originally necessary after being selected for custom examination and cannot be omitted, and at least one to two work days are necessary for the flow.

1. Save two days from clearance process

After we explain customer situation to the undertaken custom, it is changed to examination exempt as the custom checks the previous import and export conditions and the excellent company qualification of the customer.

2. The originally possible default penalty 1million NT dollars are saved

We help the customer to save over one million NT dollars of default penalty that might occur due to delayed delivery.

Import of high unit price product

The goods of company A are all high unit price products. The custom tax and business tax paid for each import are up to million NT dollars. Although tax payment is the duty for every taxpayer, reasonable tax saving is still what every company desires because the tax is the fixed cost affecting company's profit.

As company A cooperate with our company, our company explains to the customer automatically that the exchange rate of the custom is divided into early, middle and late month exchange rates every month, and the exchange rate of the next one third month is available on 5th, 15th and 25th of each month. For example, if the exchange rate of the middle month is lower than that of the early month while the goods of the customer have been imported in the early month, we will recommend the customer to declare to custom in the middle month such that much import custom tax may be saved.

The custom brokers cooperated with company A previously do not pre-consider this kind of tax saving method automatically because how much tax the import merchant has to pay does not relate to the custom broker directly.

Save hundreds of thousand NT dollars for each import

The total amount of the imported goods of the customer is high. We help the customer to save hundreds of thousand NT dollars with respect to the import custom tax because of the exchange rate difference of each one third month.

For new company that is unfamiliar with import and export process

Company A is a newly founded import and export trading company, which desires to import goods from China and has queried for many regulations and notes regarding to custom brokers.

Assist in applying for ECFA tax exempt

In the query process with our company, we find that the goods imported by company A is objects in ECFA early harvest list and are qualified for custom tax exemption or reduction. Therefore, we explain how to apply for ECFA for the customer and contact with China exporter automatically to assist in applying for certification documents that meet ECFA such as the certificate of origin.

Before the consultation with company A, our competitors ignore the rights that they may strive for the customer because they do not have experiences in operating ECFA related import and export tasks or they are unfamiliar with regulations. Instead, our company has already had many experiences and cases in operating ECFA.

Tens of thousands NT dollars regarding to import custom tax are saved for each import form

Under the contact with and assistance from the exporter, the goods of the customer is imported smoothly and is applied with tax exempted import according to ECFA regulations such that tens of thousands NT dollars are saved for the customer.

Difficulty in loading and unloading goods

Company A has import quantity about 5 containers every month. Because the warehouse of company A is located in a narrow lane, it is uneasy for trailer to access and there is no unloading platform. Therefore, longer unloading time and unnecessary cost and problem occur every time.

Help the customer to search goods temp-depot for transferring

We transport the containers imported by the customer to the distributing center contracted by our company in advance, un-stuff the container under the supervision of our staff, and load the un-stuffed goods on trucks and deliver to the warehouse of the customer.

This is a typical CY TO CFS case. For a general custom broker, it might un-stuff the imported containers in the container depot, and load goods separately on trucks for transport. In terms of present charging of the container depot, the un-stuffing fee is NT$380/CBM. For a 20’ container, the un-stuffing fee is nearly NT$7000~8000. General brokers may not help customers to find out cheaper place for un-stuffing to save trouble in operation because these fees are paid by customers themselves.

NT$4000 un-stuffing fee is saved every time

We help the customer to save nearly NT$4000 un-stuffing fee because we help the customer to transport the imported objects to the place designated by our company for container un-stuffing.

Imported foods without Chinese label pasted

Company A is a foods importer, which usually imports foods and drink from different countries. The imported foods have to be pasted with Chinese label certified by related authorities before the approval to import according national regulation.

Recommendation is to move the goods to the bonded warehouse for label pasting

When the customer declares import custom, we will apply for moving the goods to the bonded warehouse in advance, ask workers to paste Chinese labels according regulations, confirm the correctness, and then declare the import custom.

Because it consumes time and man power for label pasting tasks in the bonded warehouse, many general custom brokers do not provide such service to help clients when they encounter this kind of problem.

Because our company have contract with local manpower and resources, we still help the customer to save much time and cost at last, although the real benefit is difficult to estimate.

Door to door service

It has cumbersome procedure and document integration difficulty. Company A is an import and export trading company, which purchases many high class artworks and furniture from France. It purchases from different vendors in France and hopes to collect the goods for one time export. These products are classified in many different types and are from different vendors, such that there is a certain level of difficulty in tally and even shipment. Therefore, company A asks for our help.

Integration through our global agent network

After understanding the requirement of the customer, we contact with these vendors through our shipping agent in France at first, then we ask all of the vendors to deliver goods to the place we designate for us to help prepare documents, arrange shipment, transport the goods to Keelung Port smoothly, and deliver the goods to the place designated by the customer after custom declaration.

The trend is toward to such kind of cases in recent years. Many custom brokers do not want to accept this type of case because the operation is more complex compared to genera import custom declaration and much time has to be spent in contacting with abroad agents and vendors. Some customers asking for our help automatically express that they have been rejected by many custom brokers before contacting us.

We transport the goods here only by 35 days, which are 5 days less than what the customer estimates

The services that contact with French vendors, prepare documents, arrange shipment, transport to Taiwan, and deliver to the customer with respect to the goods of company A is beyond what may be counted by money.

Door to door service

Company A, which has no experience in export, hopes to export the products it produces to China Tianjin. Company A has no foreign sale experience because it only engages in domestic business in Taiwan and operates scarcely international trading business previously. Company A asks for us to provide related assistance because its operation policy has changed to concentrate on China.

Full delegation for us to play the role of shipping staff of customer's company

After our staff visits and understands the condition of company A, and explains international trading concept and notes for it, we contact with the customer of company A in Tianjin and ask local import related regulations under the request of company A.

General custom brokers will not provide that much information and services for customers because of insufficient profession or trouble objection. Some custom brokers may even exaggerate the expense because customers are not familiar with the flow.

Company A saves the budget of one shipping specialist every month

We transport the products of company A to Tianjin smoothly. We do not only help staffs of company A to be more familiar with the delivery flow and international trading, but also appraised by the customer.

iLetsCargo was founded in February, 2012. We are the bridge connecting import/export, forwarders, and transportation companies.....
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